Monday, August 25, 2008

Current Activities as of Aug 2008

Hi Folks

You will realize that I run several activities at the same time - may be that is why I cannot keep track of everything by heart. By now, I think it is fair to mention the subjects that I'm working-on right now so I can provide some more context about whatever findings I decide to record here.

Project#1 - At this point I'm working on the Contact Center area. We are developing a Business Intelligence type of tool that I obviously cannot provide much more details because it is part of the company Intellectual property. Since I cannot really provide in-depth details about the product itself, you can expect to hear (or read :-) ) a lot about Software virtualization, High performance tricks, Linux Operating system and, may be, some database tricks.

Project #2 - Contact Center self-service - This is a particular cool one. I'm new into this as well, just started about one month ago and I love the possibilities. Since we are using several open standards, I'd expect to write a lot about Java Language, Voice XML, Call Control XML, Text to Speech, Voice Recognition, etc. Lots of fun to come from this end.

Project #3 - Space Science - I'm not even sure if I should be mentioning this here. Honestly, I have not even started learning anything about this. Next week, on Sep 1st I'm planning on going to INPE (National Institute of Space Research in Brazil) in order to start taking classes for my PhD. However, I do not have the time to attend their regular PhD program. My plan is attending as many classes as possible as an "external" student (as we call the guys who attend a few classes without being officially part of the program) and when they finally kick me out I will join the official program and try taking advantage of the credits that I got as an "external" student in order to not be required to attend all classes. Well, even that I already got some not so friendly messages from there about doing this, I'm not sure how far I'm going to go. Keep you posted :)

Well, other than these three main items, I'm always looking for an excuse to do something different. Sometimes you will read things about my patents, the jokes from the sales-enablement activities, etc.

Hopefully, I will not give-up this blog at any time soon and even more hopefully I will find interesting things to post.


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