Monday, April 20, 2009

i-Ryodoraku has been released

Hi Everyone

Great news for our Babs2Go again. Apple just approved yesterday our latest application. i-Ryodoraku is our first app on the medical category. After helping me with my i-NVADERS, my wife asked me to bring Ryodoraku to her iPhone. Making a long story short, I translated this application from Java to Objective C. I developed this application a few years ago just for her own use during her practice. Now that she has an iPhone, she said she really needed to have this application ported. In this case, why not turn it into a real app? That is what I did. Hopefully, more people will have the chance to take advantage of it.

First, let's first understand what Ryodoraku is. I'm not an acupuncturist myself, but if you have questions, I'm sure that my wife will be able to answer them. As a regular IT guy, Ryodoraku is one of those techniques that sounds like magic to me. It amazes me every time that I see her using it.

The purpose of this technique is using the chart to diagnose health problems and propose treatments. The practitioner uses an special equipment (looks a lot like an adapted multimeter) to measure the energetic levels on several acupuncture points (24 total). Those values are plotted in a special scale inside the Ryodoraku chart. After plotting the points, the practitioner has a clear picture of the current energetic state of the patient.

Following the Ryodoraku rules, two boundaries are drawn. Those borders limit the normality area. Ideally, every single value should be plotted inside that area. Depending on what points are left outside, Ryodoraku indicates symptoms and treatment. Even more impressive to my computer-oriented brain, is that the system not only suggests the correct symptoms on the most of the times, but it also propose acupuncture treatment in order to bring those "bad" points back to normality. Even more surprising is that if a second chart is built right after the session, it is very likely that the energetic levels will get back to normal or will clearly move into that direction.

Anyway, in my opinion, Ryodoraku is one of the most helpful techniques on acupuncture. However, several practitioners do not use it because it requires lots of manual work. Hopefully, i-Ryodoraku will enable practitioners with the tools they need to improve even more their patients' lifes.

As aways, if you find anything wrong or if you have any suggestion of improvements, just let me know and I will do my best to include those on the next release.


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