Sunday, October 18, 2009

iToon is growing up !!

Hi Folks

I'm glad to share with you that iToon 2.0 has been sent to Apple for approval. I have added major updates on this release and I really hope that you will enjoy it. Here are the major enhancements of the upcoming release:

- iToon Camera - Grid : The camera got enhanced with a Grid in order to make the picture composition easier. If you are not familiar with "The Rule of Third", take a look at this link and you will see how useful the grid is.
- iToon Camera - Digital Zoom : Because I would not like you to spend a lot of money with additional iPhone Apps, I have decided to add the digital zoom feature to iToon as well. You will be able to zoom in your pictures up to 5 times in real time.
- iToon Sessions - On the new version you will be able to save your unfinished sessions and get back to them on a later time. No need to rush anymore in order to get the work done at once. You can take the picture, do some editing, close it and get back to it when you have time.
- iToon User Interface - iToon 2.0 has a completely new user interface. I have minimized the number of items on the work area in order to get more space to what really matter, you pictures.
- This version User Interface is available only in US English.

Because of these changes (specially on the camera), iToon 2.0 will be available only for IPhone OS 3.1 or later.

Here are some early screen-shots. Hopefully, the App will be available on the App Store in a couple weeks.


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