Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PACMAN Reloaded Version 1.1 is available !!

Hello Everyone

This morning, PACMAN Reloaded has just toke the lead of sales overall in Brazil, South Africa and Costa Rica. Babs2Go team is extremely happy with these results and we are working hard to include on our software the most of the fix/enhancements that has been suggested by our PACMAN Community. We have been monitoring the reviews on the App Store and we are glad to say that, in record time, Apple has approved our latest version of PACMAN Reloaded. It is the first time ever that I see an App being approved in a matter of a few hours. Submitted this morning (11AM) and just got approved(5PM). It will be pushed to our installed base over the next 24 hours.

PACMAN Reloaded 1.1 brings the following enhancements:

- added Configuration screen with :
    * Difficulty Level Settings
    * Background Play List builder
- display levels on Hall of Fame
- Turned on/off sound switch into Sound Mode Switch with following options:
    * Only Background Music
    * Only Sound Effects
    * Background Music and Sound Effects
    * Mute
- Bug fixes:
    * Improve memory management - prevent crash while adding new scores to Hall of Fame
    * Fixed intermittent instability during level change
    * General usability issues 

Feel free to post any suggestions on this website or just leave your comment on the App Store.



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