Thursday, March 25, 2010

PACMAN Reloaded will become "Squid Trap"

Hello Everyone

We have received a notice from Apple telling us that NAMCO has complained about PACMAN Reloaded.

As usual, I have decided to do a little research about the topic by myself and based on my findings, the only option that I could find was completely remove PACMAN Reloaded from the Market.

As such, we have completly changed the look and feel of the App. The good thing about it is that we could use more updated graphics and sounds. In my opinion, it has become an even better software.

Over the next couple days (assuming that Apple approves the new App version and NAMCO has no more requests), our "Squid Trap" should be made available at the App Store.

In case you want to keep the PACMAN look and feel, make sure you do not update your software. If you want to keep receiving the latest and greatest updates, upgrade to the new  "Squid Trap".

Here are a few screenshots of the upcoming version:

 "SQUID Trap 2.0"

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